Special Cases - Gift Cards

1. The Gift Card is only valid for use within 3 months from the date of class purchase under "Twinkle Dance Company".

2. Gift cards registered under our special cases is transferrable to anyone. Once the gift card is registered under an account at Tutulamb.com, it’s considered activated.

3. An activated gift card will be non-refundable. Redeemable only for online purchases of Tutulamb Limited’s

4. An activated gift card can be used for one-time order only. 

5. In the event that the gift card’s value does not cover the total amount of the product, the bearer is responsible for paying the remaining balance.

6. Any disputes related to gift card use should be directed to our customer service team. Tutulamb Limited reserves the right to investigate and make final determinations regarding such disputes or concerns, including but not limited to determining the validity of any claim and the appropriate remedy. All determinations made by tutulamb Limited in connection with such disputes or concerns shall be final and binding at its absolute discretion.

7. For any queries related to gift cards, contact our support team at info@tutulamb.com or call +852 6608 8382.