About Us

Established in 2009 by Twinkle Lam, a classically trained dancer and teacher from Hong Kong, tutulamb has since become the preferred brand for discerning dancers and parents who appreciate the finer things in dance, fashion, and style. We are dedicated to preserving dance traditions while incorporating modern elements, creating dance wear that is both practical and exquisite.

Our collections encompass ballet tutus, leotards, dance dresses, and stylish accessories like hairpieces, ribbons, and bags crafted meticulously with fine materials and fabrics.

Crafted with utmost care to ensure

comfort, durability, and grace.

With our expert designers who bring years of experience and skill to create unique, stylish, and high-quality dancewear that embodies the beauty and grace of dance. Each garment is crafted with care for comfort, durability, and grace in classic styles and colors.


At tutulamb, we aim to cultivate a community of dancers, teachers, and parents who share our enthusiasm for the art of dance, fashion, and style. Our belief in the transformative power of dance drives us to design garments that embody the elegance and creativity of this art form.