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Dance wear store.

Our Story

Our Story

about tutulamb

Tutulamb is “dancewear designed by dancers”.

It offers a wide range of dancewear products from leotards to tutus, from wrap skirts to camisoles, from one-piece to two-piece dance clothing, from children to adult dancewear.

The story of Tutulamb began when Twinkle Lam –  a trained dancer and dance teacher – started to notice there was little variety in children’s dancewear. Dance students wore either boring standard ballet uniforms – or if they wanted something different, their parents would buy a ballet costume at fashion stores. But those dance costumes had some drawbacks: The fittings and materials were actually not suitable for dancing.

To fulfill the demand for fashionable children’s dancewear, Twinkle founded Tutulamb in 2009. Why the name? The word “Tutu” refers to the most important piece of ballet clothing, while “lamb” rhymes with Twinkle’s family name, Lam, bringing to mind something soft and friendly. And having pursued dancing and fashion studies, she put her unique training to good use.

Tutulamb’s designs are a feast to the eyes, and they are nothing like the others. The dancewear looks extraordinarily elegant, yet it is suitable for regular dance classes – thanks to Tutulamb’s excellent choice of fabric.

The company has won praises not only for its variety of fashionable everyday dancewear but also for its sumptuous costumes that are especially designed for dance performances.

Tutulamb dancewear is available at dancewear shops and online stores.