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Dance wear store.


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Size Guide (without stretch)

XS Leotard Waist 36cm, Girth 76cm. Skirt Waist 34cm.

S Leotard Waist 40cm, Girth 82cm. Skirt Waist 38cm.

M Leotard Waist 44cm, Girth 88cm. Skirt Waist 42cm.

L Leotard Waist 48cm, Girth 92cm. Skirt Waist 46cm.

XL Leotard Waist 52cm, Girth 96cm. Skirt Waist 50cm.

XXL Leotard Waist 58cm, Girth 110cm. Skirt Waist 52cm.

SIZE 1 Leotard Waist 59cm ,Girth 116cm.

Size 2 Leotard Waist 60cm, Girth 120 cm.

Size 3 Leotard Waist 62cm, Girth 124cm.